Social Media Marketing Ideas You Need to Know for 2018

Are you planning your social media marketing strategy for the rest of 2018? If you are, there are several important changes that could reshape how your agency uses social media, with many of them directly impacting your online presence.

Before you set your plan in stone, take a look at these social media trends to make the most of your campaigns.

1) Video Should be Your Priority

By 2020, a crazy 80% of all online traffic will be directed to video. As a result, it should be a key priority for your content marketing and social media efforts.

2) Audiences Favour Live Streaming Over Static Content

Social media is all about engaging with your followers, and live streaming allows you to do exactly that. Facebook Live videos are watched for 3x the duration of their standard counterparts. Within 3 years, the live streaming industry itself is expected to be worth over $70 billion dollars.

3) Ephemeral Content is On the Rise

This is short-lived content, such as that found on Snapchat or with Instagram stories. If you’re thinking it’s not smart to invest time and money into something that’s not there forever, that’s understandable – but it is.

A large number of agencies have embraced ephemeral content formats to release behind-the-scenes footage and promotions that get real results.

4) AI and Chatbot are Becoming the Standard

By the end of 2018, it’s predicted that 30% of all our chat conversations will be with chatbots. Most of these are used for 24/7 customer support, so it’s easy to see the value they can present to your agency.

5) Influencer Marketing is Huge

Influencer marketing now outperforms organic search and digital advertising. A crazy 94% of marketers who invested in influencer marketing said it was effective.

6) Mobile Content

By the end of 2018, the number of global smartphone users is expected to reach 2480.4 million. In fact, the only social media platform people access on desktop more than smartphone is YouTube.

7) The Importance of Dark Social

Any private messaging app where brands can’t see what’s being discussed falls under the banner of dark social. These include Messenger, WhatsApp, Wechat, and email. The global market share for these products has hit 69% and more and more often, real estate brand are harnessing the power of dark social and using it to their advantage. These are very common for markets such as China.