How Can You Leverage Your Real Estate Contacts Database?

Any good real estate agent will have a database of loyal clients, because the service you offer clients isn’t a one-time occurrence – it’s the start of a long-term relationship that could last for the rest of their lives.

However, building a large, robust contacts database doesn’t happen overnight and takes a lot of time and effort. Additionally, once you’ve captured your leads, it’s down to you to take advantage of them.

Fortunately, digital marketing can prove to be a valuable resource for getting in touch with your leads and keeping you and your agency top of their mind. To do this, there are 3 main channels you’ll need to keep in mind – email, social media and content. Read on to find out more.

Update Your Leads Regularly with Email Newsletters

Email marketing is one of the simplest and most effective ways you can leverage your contacts database and keep them engaged with your brand message. In fact, by 2020, it’s expected that 3 billion people will be using email across the globe, making it a growing opportunity well worth capitalising on.

With the direct access to your clients’ inboxes, you can keep your agency fresh in their mind, making them that much more likely to choose your services over your competitors the next time they’re in the market.

To do this, you’ll need to craft and launch a thorough email marketing strategy to build and nurture trust. Link to your latest blog posts, share testimonials and answer the common questions they might be struggling with.

Target Your Database with Social Ads

Social media is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal as a real estate agent. However, throwing money at promoted posts without a strategy in mind isn’t the smartest use of your hard-earned cash.

Your database is likely already aware of your services, so create a series of ads to build their awareness of your services. If you can get these ads in front of your audience and use them to create custom audiences, you’ll be able to massively increase your ad profitability.

So, whether they’re looking to buy or sell property, using social ads will keep your brand at the front of your contacts’ minds.

Adding Value with High-Quality Blog Content

Not only will producing high-quality blog content help you to establish yourself as an authority in the market, you’ll also be able to promote your expertise and boost your organic search engine traffic.

Before starting blogging, you should have at least a loose strategy in place for what topics you’re going to discuss. Consider the problems your target audience is likely facing on a daily basis, such as how to know when the right time to sell is, or how to determine the real value of a property. Build content around this and you’ll be able to offer your readers a valuable resource that helps them work around their problems.