5 Tips for Boosting Your Instagram Followers

Looking to get more Instagram followers for your real estate business in 2018, without having to use cheesy, outdated sales tactics or spend money on bots? We’ve got the answers for you.

Your goal is to develop a following that actually cares about what you have to say and the content you’re going to share. This is the only way you’re going to get real, sustainable business results from Instagram. Read on to find out exactly what you can do:

1) Set out a Clear Strategy

Before starting with Instagram marketing, you need to have a plan. If you move forward without one, you’re likely to misspend resources and see a low return on your investment.

Your plan needs to clearly define:

  • What your goals are
  • Who you’re trying to target
  • The story you want to tell your audience
  • Who your brand is and why people should follow you

By creating a quick but detailed plan, you’ll head into Instagram marketing knowing what your brand is, allowing you to target your audience more effectively.

2) Create High-Quality Content

Nobody goes onto Instagram to get bored – they do it to be entertained, and to do this, you need to create great content. This is the stuff you see people sharing, commenting on and liking, and that’s going to be a key part of how you’ll gain new followers.

You can find out what type of content to share more easily by knowing who your target audience is. You want to engage, inform and entertain them with your content, so keep it visually-interesting, with eye-catching captions.

3) Tell Other Social Audiences About Your Instagram

Cross-promotion is a top way of getting some quick wins. For example, if you’ve got a more robust following on Facebook, share some of your Instagram content on there, with a Call-to-Action requesting your audience follow you on Instagram, too.

On top of this, you should make sure your Instagram profile is discoverable, so people can find you on their own.

4) Make the Most of Other Communication Tools

Every communication tool you have at your disposal is an opportunity to push people in the direction of your Instagram account.

Include links to your Instagram on your website, in email footers and in newsletters. This will help those who are already aware of your agency connect with you.

If relevant, you should also include your Instagram content in blog posts, as anyone who hits your site from a search engine will be made aware of your Instagram presence.

5) Use Hashtags that are Relevant to Your Brand

This will help make your posts discoverable to people who are searching Instagram for similar content. Make sure you work out which hashtags are popular by using the search function and consider creating your own hashtag to push your audience to engage with your brand by sharing their own content.

You shouldn’t, however, go over the top with your hashtags, as they can distract your audience from the main content. Additionally, avoid gimmicky hashtags such as #likeforlike, as although you might get a temporary boost in followers, they’re likely to be bots, spammers, or people only interested in getting a follow back.