Make Your Blog Exceptional with these 5 Content Types

When working to build a beautiful real estate website that perfectly captures your agency brand and attracts new clients, blogging is exactly the avenue you should be pursuing. However, what if you’re only just starting, or don’t know what you should be writing about?

To help you get those creative juices flowing, we’ve pulled together a list of the top 5 most effective content types to build meaningful engagements with your audience.

1) List Posts

You’ve no doubt seen them all over the internet, and for good reason – they work. List posts or listicles are the internet’s most popular type of content.

The best part about a list post is that it’s very hard to go wrong with it. Focus on finding a topic that’s big enough to split into separate headers and you’re ready to go. List posts are easy for your audience to digest, as they break information down into bitesize chunks that make them more approachable. Make sure you keep the format simple, include plenty of actionable information and the more list items you can discuss, the better.

2) Local Events and News

What better way to engage a local community than discussing events and news? If there are any events kicking off in your local area, be sure to write about them.

For example, if a new gym has just opened or your local school is running a sports day for charity, do your bit to promote it. Not only will you curry favour with your community, you’ll also boost your brand reputation, as people will deem you to be more of an authority in the area.

3) Answer Buyer Questions

One of the best ways you can rank your blog posts is by effectively answering the questions that people are asking. You might think that other blogs have this covered, but there are new questions being asked every day, which give you the perfect opportunity to slide in and help people out.

Think about the types of questions your buyers ask you on a regular basis and make a list of them. After a while, you’ll start to notice a trend around the types of queries that are coming up. Create a post packed full of useful information that answers this query and you’ll strengthen your local SEO.

4) Answer Seller Questions

This is exactly the same as the buyer questions, but instead focusing on the types of questions that sellers will likely be asking themselves. This checklist should help you work out the types of questions you should focus on:

  • Collect seller questions and make notes of which types of sellers asked them
  • Create a blog post around that question and make it as professional and engaging as possible
  • Write a whitepaper with common seller questions on it and offer it to your audience as a free downloadable resource
  • Update your post each time you’re asked a new question
  • Include links to each specific post in your follow-up emails

By doing this on a regular basis, you’ll be able to build up a knowledge-base of useful, actionable information that will help you to nurture your leads more effectively.

5) Market Updates

When it comes down to it, your audience will be interested in their bottom line the most. As a result, information on how prices are changing – or could change in the future – will be invaluable to them.

Market updates are the types of content your audience will be actively looking for, so it’s naturally going to be an engaging topic. So, if you post this information on a regular basis and give them a quick and easy way to subscribe to a mailing list, there’s a good chance your readers will stay with you.

Instead of long-form content, try to keep your market updates short and easy to read. If need be, break larger chunks of information up into 2 posts and add in a link for those who want to find out more.