How to make Instagram’s algorithm work for you

From a business perspective, Instagram is somewhat of a strange social media platform when it comes to how its algorithm works.

While some social media platforms, such as Twitter, simply list posts in chronological order, Instagram works a little different. Previously the platform worked backwards in a reverse chronological order, much to many users (and businesses!) dismay.

Fortunately, Instagram listened to the complaints, so have recently altered their algorithm which not only determines the order in which content appears but also what content is also suggested to the user.

The bad news is that it’s now more complicated for businesses to ensure their content and brand is being seen by the right people. The good news is that if you understand how it works, Instagram can become a more powerful tool for your business than ever before. Read on to find out how to make Instagram’s algorithm work for you.

Who’s interested?

Instagram’s algorithm is primarily based on three main principles, with the first being that of interest.

This part of the algorithm looks at how much it thinks each user will be interested in a specific post. There are many factors that play into this, but it is largely based on what kind of content the user has looked at in the past.

What does this mean for your business then? It means Instagram is now better at promoting your company to like-minded people than ever before, meaning the people who see your content are likely to be the people interested in what you have to offer anyway.

Chronological order is back. Sort of.

While Instagram doesn’t completely work in chronological order, its recent changes ensure posts do appear in a more time specific order than before.

This means that more recent content will appear higher up in the feed, meaning more people will be exposed to your content.

By ensuring you promote your businesses regularly and at high activity times on Instagram, you can increase your chances of people seeing and interacting with your post.

Let’s get interactive

That’s right, to be successful on Instagram, you need to ensure users don’t just see your content, but that they interact with it too.

This is because the final, and most important part of Instagram’s new algorithm, is interactivity.

Instagram rewards posts that promote conversation, i.e. posts that get lots of comments and shares. It’s therefore in your best interest to ensure that all your content encourages users to get involved and respond to your post, rather than simply be an ad that the user scrolls by.

Posing a question to users or encouraging them to let them know what they think are great ways to promote discussion. Remember, the more people get involved, the more likely Instagram will promote your posts to these people again.

Take control of Instagram

Instagram is an excellent tool to help promote any businesses, and with the knowledge of how to make its new algorithm work for you and your business, you’ll be sure to rake in those likes, comments, and more importantly, customers in no time.