5 Tips For Writing Irresistible Real Estate Copy

No matter if it’s for a real estate ad or a property listing description, it’s important you have copy that distinguishes you from the crowd and gets you access to your target market. Great real estate copy can increase click-through rates, but it can also help bring in more enquiries, increase the number of bids, and, eventually, decrease the amount of time a property spends on the market.

To help you develop this game-changing copy, consider these five tips:

1. Stay Away from Buzzwords

Words such as “gorgeous,” “luxury” and “charming” will actually lower your chances of making a sale. You may have properties that can be described this way, but many agents misuse these words. And when this happens, people arrive at inspections with inflated ideas of what they’ll get. They’re disappointment will naturally push them away from other ads using this language.

Instead of these buzzwords, consider using synonyms or other one-line descriptions. For example, instead of saying, “beautiful views,” perhaps write something like “Enjoy stunning vistas of rolling hills and bright blue sky while sitting on this home’s large front porch.” This will stand out to people and will resonate much more than “spectacular views.”

2. Always Remember Your Target Demographic

This is true when wiring any type of copy, so it makes sense that it applies to real estate writing as well. Make sure to highlight in your words the things you think your audience seeks. For example, if the property you’re selling has just one or two bedrooms, then consider marketing it as a great downsizing option, just like you would want to speak to families when trying to sell something with three or four bedrooms.

3. Focus on the Best Features and Amenities

When writing about a property, ask yourself: what makes it unique?

It might be where its located, or it might even be its history. Some homes have truly amazing kitchens, whereas others have awe-inspiring views of the nearby landscapes.

It’s better to speak more about these features than to try and name off every single feature of the home. And if you can get great photos to go along with your copy, then it’ll be that much easier to catch someone’s eye.

4. Use Numbers When You Can

When using a lot of descriptive words, sometimes people can get a bit lost. And there’s nothing like hard numbers to help bring people back and call their attention to something. Good things to include are walk times to local transport stops, or the distance from the CBD. Numbers also work well when stating the number of rooms, the size of the property, the potential rental returns, etc.

5. Keep Things Simple

It’s important to be simple and descriptive when writing real estate copy, but it’s just as important to get to the point. Going on and on about certain features is just going to bore people and push them away. You want to encourage them into action, so give them just what they need to do this and nothing more.