Not Having Success With Your Videos?

As YouTube continues to change our lives, more and more real estate agents are using video to attract vendor views and get people to schedule inspections. And agencies are also using video to help promote the agency.

However, just because it’s popular, it doesn’t mean it will work right away. Just posting videos about your properties isn’t going to automatically translate into leads and sales. If you’re having trouble getting results, here are 8 reasons why your video efforts might not be producing the results you want.

1. Videos Don’t Fit Your SEO Strategy

Make sure your videos are designed around the keywords you are already targeting in your SEO campaign. This ensures uniformity and makes it easier for your videos to help you improve how you rank for specific keywords.

2. They Don’t Fit Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Part of the reason video is such an effective medium is that people can watch videos on many different platforms. But because of this, you need to make sure the videos you create fit on all the different channels you’re using to reach your audience, otherwise you risk being inconsistent, which can hurt your chances at generating leads.

3. They Don’t Have the Right Messaging

It’s important to make sure your video is supporting the goal you intend to achieve with it. So, if the point of the video is to get people to click through to your website, make sure you have engaging calls to action that get people to check out your site. Misaligned messaging can make well-made videos useless.

4. You Don’t Have A Goal for Your Video Content

Before making a video, make a plan. What is the purpose of the video? And how do you plan to fulfil this purpose? Not doing this makes it more likely for your video to be unfocused and therefore ineffective.

5. Your Video Isn’t SEO Friendly

To perform well with search engines, make sure you follow similar SEO guidelines as you would for written content. Give the video a short, concise title, as well as a description that includes your most valuable SEO keywords.

6. You’ve Over-Used Video

While it can be very effective, most consumers these days are bombarded by video messaging. If you rely on this medium too much, you risk getting drowned out by all the noise out there, meaning your hard work creating the video goes to waste.

7. You’ve Misjudged Time and Budget

Videos can be effective, but they are also expensive and time-consuming to produce. Improper planning can lead to low-production quality, or, worse, going over your budget. Spend some time to carefully plan how you’ll make the video so that you can be ready for the process and avoid surprises.

8. Video Isn’t Always Best

It’s possible your videos aren’t producing the results you want simply because videos aren’t the best way to reach your audience. Maybe they’re not tech-savvy, or maybe they just prefer a different medium. You need to be sure videos are desired by potential customers so that you’re putting in effort where it really matters.