Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Efforts

It’s important to consistently update the way you present yourself to current and potential customers. And with Spring now on the way, this is a good time to look at your current efforts and see where you could get better. Here are some things to consider improving:

Profile and Headshot

The most important thing is to be authentic. If a prospective client is expecting one thing but then gets another, they are going to be disappointed, and they may even feel defrauded. And this could be about something as simple as the photo of yourself you have online. This stuff shouldn’t matter. But it does. And it’s even worse if your information is out of date.

Also, make sure to review your value proposition to clients by taking the time to look over:

  • Your stand out points and how they relate to past results
  • Your achievements over the past twelve months
  • Your relatable points i.e. how can people get to know you? What groups do you belong to? Or which organisations do you support?

Lastly, your profile should welcome people and make them want to reach out. So, have some fun with it and make sure you’re smiling in the photo.

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Video Profile

While it’s important to have a great written profile, customers these days will expect something else. So bring your online self to life by making a video. You can either do it yourself or hire a professional.

However, make sure you’re using this medium to its fullest. Consider having staff or past clients speak on your behalf, as this can often be more credible and effective in helping you make an impression on potential customers.

Social Media

This is a must for any business today. Make a Facebook business page and add the contacts you have in your database. You can then use this to distribute content and communicate with current, past and future clients, which will help you become an authority in your marketplace.

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An agent website is an absolute must. If you don’t have one, then you need one. And it’s a good idea to have it professional designed. Make sure to include a profile video, some testimonials, evidence of recent success and, of course, the properties you’re currently selling.

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Online Presence

There are other online platforms you need to make sure are updated. For example, business.google.com is a useful reference for many people, so make sure you have a listing there and that it’s fully updated with all relevant information.


The best way to market yourself is to have a plan. So take this time to create one that you can carry out throughout the next year. It’s important to focus on your value proposition and base your campaign around making people know what this is.

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Ultimately, what others say about you is going to be more important than what you say. As a result, make sure you’re constantly gathering testimonials from past clients. Take this time to reach out to those you have helped over the past year to update your profile and present yourself in the best light.