How to Get More Value from Your Agent Website

It’s never been as easy or as inexpensive to make an agent website. It’s easy to get value from them, but many agents don’t do enough, leaving opportunities on the table.

Real estate is interesting in that even if you get a job, you’re not done trying to make a living. It’s your responsibility to find ways to secure more listings and expand your income. Of course, you could just rely on whatever leads your agency throws your way, but it’s best to be more proactive. And highly-visible agents—ones who use a website, for example, end up getting more listings.

Why a Personal Website is Vital for Real Estate Agents

Be Seen and Get Found: Step 1

The absolute first thing you need to do as a real estate agent is to get a website. But it’s not enough to just have the site. You need to get people to visit it. Of course, you can pay a bunch of money for advertising, but it’s best to try and make use of some of the free ways you can promote your site, such as:

  • Put your website on your business card
  • Add your website to your Facebook page to make it easy for people to jump from one platform to the next
  • Do the same for LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Add your website to your email signature
  • If possible, also put it on any “property sold” signs you have floating around

Be Seen and Get Found: Step 2

A really good agent or team website, while making use of the tactics mentioned above, will really be designed for digital marketing. There are countless ways for you to attract people to your site, and many of these methods are quite cost effective, especially when we compare them to the cost of a letterbox drop.

Facebook and Google both offer powerful advertisement options that allow you to target ads based on the specific attributes of your target audience. So, for example, if you have a few listings that would be best for a younger couple looking to buy their long-term family home, then you could advertise directly to this block of people, helping bring not only traffic but high-quality traffic to your site, increasing your chances of you securing good leads.

But even more effective is retargeted marketing, which is something digital marketing does best. This is when ads appear in front of people who have already showed an interest in your site. For example, if someone visits your site and looks at a few properties, you can set things up so that these individuals see another ad from you down the line, reminding them you’re around and an option to be considered.

Overall, there are countless things you can do to get your site in front of the right people. But the first step is to actually make a website that showcases your business and gives people something to get excited about.

With our product, you can stand out from the rest and enhance your digital footprint with a beautiful and affordable looking personal agent website.