7 Ways to Use Instagram For Real Estate Marketing

To be successful using social media for real estate marketing, it’s important to be on as many platforms as possible. But as compared to others, Instagram continues to be one of the most effective platforms. There are millions of users engaging with billions of pieces of content, and not using Instagram means you’re leaving opportunities on the table. So here are seven tips for helping you make the most of Instagram with your real estate marketing.

1. Only Share Your Own Content

People will follow you because of the content you create. If all you do is share other people’s content, then you’re not really providing value to readers. As a result, it’s important you only post whatever you create to your account.

2. Make Sure to Use Captions

It’s true that a photo is worth a thousand words, but this doesn’t mean a caption can’t help make your photo more impactful. Instagram allows you to make captions of up to 2200 characters, but this is likely way too much. Try to write something that doesn’t exceed 130 or 150 characters. Also, make sure to spend some time editing your photos to make them pop and come off as more engaging. All of this will help you attract interest, which is good for business.

3. Use Instagram Stories

This is an awesome feature that lets you post videos and keep them up for 24 hours. This helps create urgency because after these 24 hours the video will disappearing, meaning people need to act quickly if they want to see it. Stories are great for:

  • Offering behind the scenes looks at open houses
  • Giving home tours
  • Announcing open houses or upcoming projects
  • Sharing real estate tips and tricks
  • Revealing customer testimonials

4. Use Instagram Live

Although Instagram started as a platform for photos, it’s hard to discount how important videos are to a successful Instagram strategy. And Instagram Live Video gives you the chance to share videos in real time, making it a great option for showing off a property and soliciting questions from prospective buyers.

5. Post Testimonial Videos

Social proof of your success as a real estate agent will go a long way towards helping you reach new customers. And Instagram offers you an excellent platform for sharing this social proof through video. Even just short clips depicting satisfied customers explaining their experience working with you can go a long way towards helping you build up your reputation with current and prospective clients.

6. Don’t Over Edit

The most important thing you can do is post authentic content. And if you over-edit, then you’re going to lose this. It’s okay to use a modest filter, or to play with the colours to make things pop but be careful about going too far as this can hurt your overall Instagram presence.

7. Cross Promotes

You can set up your Instagram account so that whenever you upload content you also upload it to Facebook and Twitter. Make sure this is activated so that you can increase the reach of your Instagram content.

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