7 Tips for Using A Suburb Video to Win More Listings

A quick video that summarises market activity in your suburb can be an excellent way to share your knowledge about the local area in an easy-to-understand way.

It helps position you as a market expert who is both approachable and helpful, which are essential traits that most real estate consumers these days want.

Here are five ways to help you make a suburb video that will really produce results:

1. Share on Facebook

Make sure to target your suburb video to audiences that reside within your suburb. Or, select a radius that surrounds your shopfront so that you can get as many people in your local area as possible.

More advanced users who have managed to upload their own databases to Facebook can create and target similar audiences to make sure the video is reaching people who have similar characteristics to your past clients.

2. Post on Your Website

Start turning your website into something more than just a place to put all the properties you currently have for sale. And putting your suburb video up onto your site is a great way to do this. It helps audiences understand how the prices on the properties they’re looking at stack up to the rest of the local market, giving them some important context in their property search.

3. Tweet It!

If you’re going to promote it on Facebook, make sure you’re also promoting your video on Twitter. Use hashtags related to your community or tag local personalities and encourage them to share some love about the local area. You never know when something will go viral, and this will give your business a huge boost.

4. Feature in an Email

Video captures people’s attention much more easily than traditional text, so including video into your emails can be a great way to increase open rates as well as conversions. In fact, it’s been found that video can improve open and click through rates by as much as 500 percent.

5. Build Up Your YouTube Channel

As soon as you’ve created your video, make sure to upload it to YouTube to create a library or channel for the suburbs in your territory.

6. Share on LinkedIn

Your business contacts also need houses and LinkedIn is the best way to reach these individuals. And let’s be honest, most of what we see on LinkedIn these days is self-promotional or congratulatory. A short video presenting relevant information about your suburb could end up being a nice change of pace.

7. Send an SMS Link

Since you’re already using all other channels to promote your video, why not send an SMS message. This puts the link right in front of people, making it easy to blow their minds.


Now that you know how to use a suburb video to boost listings, it’s time to make that video and get it out there.