Should You Keep up Social Media Appearances Over the Christmas Break?

The festive period has arrived quickly, leaving many real estate agents looking forward to a much-needed break. However, should their businesses be taking a break too?

When over 60% of Australians use the internet 5 times a day, it’s absolutely essential that a real estate business continues to maintain a presence over the holidays with content set up in the pipeline. This way, you won’t see a dip in your reach and will be ready to jump head-on into your 2019 marketing plans.

Facebook Doesn’t Stop Over the Christmas Break

People don’t stop using their social accounts when the holiday season hits home, and that means the opportunities for businesses to drive their marketing strategies forward don’t, either.

By having a presence on social media post-Christmas, you’ll get an opportunity to capitalise on real estate leads who are looking for festive season sales or offers.

Christmas and the New Year are great times to introduce people to your brand, as buyers and sellers are often more optimistic and open to new ideas.

During Australia’s hotter months, smartphones are never far from their owners’ hands, so you should make the most of it.

Why You Should Stay Active Over Christmas

Cash in on the Festivities

Don’t be a scrooge – get involved with the Christmas spirit and use the festivities to stand out from your competition. This doesn’t mean you have to go over the top – it can be as simple as changing your Facebook cover image for a festive alternative.

Keeping up a Visual Presence

The last thing you want is for your audience to forget about your brand. The holiday period is no exception to this. If your business is shutting down for the season, there are a number of tools, such as Buffer, that can help you keep up appearances whilst your “out of office” auto-responder is turned on.

Your Customers Aren’t Working, Either

No 9-5 means no restraints on when they can be online digesting social content. With the majority of Australians off work and taking it easy, you’ve got a serious opportunity to drive some impressive engagement levels.

Whether this is through sharing relevant blog posts and articles or with a holiday promotion, if you keep up your social media presence over the holidays, you’ll see the benefits ready for you to jump straight back into it in 2019.