The Value a Sunday Home Opening Can Add to Your Campaign

Traditionally, lawyers and investment bankers are known for working the longest hours. But it appears real estate agents are about to overtake them. To give you an idea, consider that some 20 per cent of those working in the real estate and rental business work more than 49 hours per week.

For some, though, these numbers are even higher, especially as more and more agents are using Sunday’s to schedule open houses.

Agents have been doing this for years, but it’s just recently become more common.

Between sports, traffic and increased working hours, Saturdays are simply too busy for most people, so offering an open house on Sunday has become a unique way for some agents to help themselves stand out.

However, it’s also possible that a Sunday open house could contribute to a faster sale. This is because people interested in buying a house are often quite grateful they get to conduct their search in a way that fits into their schedule. It reduces stress and makes them more open to the home buying process.

Furthermore, it gives interested buyers the chance to come back to the property twice in one week. For example, if someone visits a house on Tuesday, and they like it so much they are considering making an offer, they can come back on Sunday to take a second look. This immediacy encourages action, which means faster sales.

Another factor is that those who come to an open home on a Sunday tend to be more motivated buyers. Think about it. If Sunday is your only day to relax, and you’re spending it looking at houses, you must be serious about this move. Otherwise you would just stay home.

Sunday open houses will also reduce the need to compete with other major events, which are usually held on Saturday’s. So, when the AFL grand final comes around, or the spring racing carnival, you don’t need to worry about people missing your open home because they have other plans. They can still do what they want and also attend your open house, and they will do so free of the regret they might have had from skipping a popular event in the city.

All of this means that buyers who come to the home or more relaxed and focused, which is always a good thing, as it makes people more receptive to sales pitches and presentations.

But Sunday openings aren’t only good for buyers. They’re good for sellers, too. It’s a lot easier to keep a home tidied and presentable for just two days out of the week—Saturday and Sunday—versus the entire week, when school and work make it tough to keep up.

It’s true this will mean a larger time commitment on your end, but the benefits for holding a Sunday opening are just too great to ignore. Give it a try. People will comment on how nice it is, and then before you know it, you’ll be doing all your open homes on Sunday.