3 Conversations About Culture You Must Have at Work

How often do you step back and examine the conversations you have with your team? Do you ever start a conversation with a particular purpose in mind, or do you just let things happen as they will?

In businesses that have strong cultures and alignment across their teams, they tend to be very intentional about the types of conversations they have.

Here are three that you should be having to help bring the culture of your real estate business to life:

Inspirational Conversations

The purpose of these conversations, not surprisingly, is to have an inspirational impact on the people in your organisation.

Typically, the focus of these conversations should include the following:

  • Information about purpose of the organisation, or in other words, the life of the organisation
  • Guidance on the tools people need to unlock their own purpose. The goal here is to tap into their intrinsic motivation.

After a conversation such as this one is over, people should walk away feeling passionate about their work.

Alignment Conversations

You have these types of conversations to help people understand better what they need from each other and how each person of the team supports someone else.

Many companies fall short in this area. They may have succeeded in inspiring their employees, but they might have failed to set up a specific plan for how the team will operate on a day-to-day basis.

Take these conversations, then, as an opportunity for you to provide clarity, focus and an incentive for team wide cooperation.

Honest Conversations

Sometimes honest conversations are also called difficult, crucial or confronting conversations. But no matter what name you give them, they all have essentially the same purpose.

The reason these conversations are so important is because you need to have a plan for when conflict occurs in your organisation. This will happen, so it’s much better to plan for it than to pretend that it will never happen.

This is what will help bring your culture to life, for it will give people the chance to speak openly, but also to learn more about the values the organisation is trying to promote.

An honest conversation is really just a heart to heart talk. It’s a chance to talk things through, especially when there are differing opinions and heated emotions.

In the end, the reason why these conversations are so important to building your company culture is that they will lift the overall level of commitment within your company. People will begin to care more about what they do, and when everyone starts doing this, everyone feels safer at work, and also more committed to the jobs they are doing.