6 Ways to Ensure a Successful Work Day

In a time before emails, instant messaging and telecommuting, managing deadlines was much easier. Mail came once a day in the morning and it was a whole lot easier for business professionals to prioritise tasks and get them done.

However, nowadays things aren’t quite so simple, and many business professionals struggle to tick off all the tasks they need to. So, what can you do? In this article, we’re going to run through 6 key actions you can take to improve your productivity and time management. Read on to find out more.

1) Start out with the Future in Mind

Never implement a system that can’t easily adapt to your business growth. Many agents don’t create workflow systems when they start their own businesses, let alone systems that can cope with business growth. If you want to have a system that will work well and continue to do so years into the future, make sure it’s scalable from the start.

2) Manage Growth Effectively

Managing your day from start to finish effectively requires you to be able to manage growth. This requires a growth matrix.

A growth matrix will help you to keep tabs on the number of doors you have to manage and help you work out when you need to recruit more team members. By investing in a growth matrix, you’ll be able to ensure things move smoothly as your business scales up.

3) Take Control of your Variables

It sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Start every day with a team huddle and delegate tasks as you see fit to maintain your workflow. This will also give you a great podium from which you can track progress and have team members report back to you on any issues they find.

4) Stay Consistent with Your Standards

Don’t fluctuate or make excuses – set a benchmark standard from day 1 and stick to it. The only change to service quality you should see is when you improve on it.

Don’t forget – your client has a relationship with your business and brand, not an individual within it. Regardless of who your client deals with, a consistently high service standard must be maintained.

5) Take the Lead

If you wait around for tasks to get done, you’re going to run into problems. So, take the lead and make sure that your workflow stays efficient. If you can keep your team members clear on their roles and clients clear on their responsibilities, everything works seamlessly.

It will take a conductor to make this work, and that person needs to be you. This is the only way you’ll be able to maintain service standards and ensure tasks get completed.

6) Be Careful Where You Spend

Controlled spending means a controlled business. Only spend if it will allow you to earn down the line. If you’re spending out, it should aide savings by increasing your earning power on doors managed and cutting down costs faced on client properties. This will give you a greater return on investment, leaving you with more spare capital to hire additional team members when needed.