Real Estate Infographics – Worth it or Not?

In a market space as competitive as real estate, agents are constantly on the lookout for new forms of content that will help them stand out and gain an online advantage over their competition.

With so many different distractions constantly cluttering their screens, winning the attention of your target audience is harder than it’s ever been.

One great way of capturing customer interest that’s grown in popularity is with infographics. And with awesome free tools like Canva and Piktochart, it’s easier than ever before.

However, incorporating infographics into your marketing strategy isn’t always a simple task. So, in this article, we’re going to walk through a couple of key ways you can get this visually-engaging format into your content. Read on to find out more.

How to Create an Infographic

They might look complex but making your own infographics can actually be a pretty simple process. With the help of free tools like the ones mentioned above, infographic creation can be reduced to 3 quick steps:

1) Find Your Information

What’s your infographic going to cover? Pick the information you want to present to your audience.

2) Create Your Infographic

Now, take your information and cut it down into bitesize pieces to add into each section of your infographic.

3) Share it

That’s it. Download your freshly-created visual content and share it online to bolster your brand authority.

What Information Can You Cover?

Picking a topic for your infographic, especially after you’ve already created a few, can be a challenging task. So, if you’re short of ideas, consider trying out some of the following and see how your online audience responds:

  • Listing highlights – taken on any properties recently that have blown you away? Don’t be shy – let your audience know about it by covering some of their most interesting aspects.
  • List-style pieces – it’s a popular format for blog posts and videos – and for good reason. List-style infographics like “8 Things You Didn’t Know About [CITY] work wonders.
  • Neighbourhood synopses – sometimes, the best thing you can do is keep it close to home. So, why not try out a local neighbourhood infographic where you cover some of the top events happening in your area? Not only will it show your audience you’re an authority in your market, you’ll also garner support from local schools and businesses who might even return the favour.
  • Market information – what better way to show you know your stuff than by reimagining local statistics into an engaging, visually-attractive infographic? Buyers and sellers alike love knowing the facts about their local property market, so pick out some points you’ve found particularly interesting over the last quarter and turn them into an infographic.

Cost-effective and a great source of information, infographics are a top way to communicate your message and gain extra exposure for your brand. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a bit of virality and tap into a whole new audience segment.