Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Brand

Most of us use Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest to connect with our audiences and grow our brand. But there’s another social network out there that can be a rather effective tool but that most of us overlook: LinkedIn

There are currently more than 500 million people on LinkedIn, and because it is dedicated to professionals, the type of content people expect to see on there is professional and educational in nature.

Furthermore, LinkedIn works as a digital CV. It’s a place where you can showcase yourself and your talents, which is a great way to show potential clients that you’ve had past success and can be trusted to deal with their listing.

So, to help you use this tool to be a more successful agent, here are some tips you should consider

Describe Yourself

You need to make it abundantly clear right from the beginning who you are and what you do. Your headline is most important for this, but make sure you’re using the right keywords so that people can quickly understand what you’re all about. Another thing you can do is customise your URL. This way, when someone views your profile, they will be able to see that you’re dedicated to real estate.

List Skills

One nice feature of LinkedIn is that you can list the skills you have and then have people endorse them. This can have a really powerful impact on your potential clients because they will able to see that there are people out their vouching for the skills you claim to have. After all, anyone can say they’re qualified to do something, but it’s quite another thing to have some actual proof.

Get Recommended

In the real estate world, word of mouth is everything. Having people speak to others about you and your skills is a really effective way of winning new business, and with LinkedIn, it’s really easy to reach out to past clients to ask them to recommend you. All you need to do is click the “Me” icon at the top of the page, then “View Profile,” and then “Recommendations.” Once there, choose “Ask to be recommended.”

This will send a notification to the client of your choosing as well as a note you’ve written asking them to give you a review. Of course, it’s probably best to speak with them in person first about this, but after you do, LinkedIn makes it really easy to boost your reputation in the community.

Be Active

Lastly, it’s critical you stay active on LinkedIn. Just like any other social platform, if you go quiet, you risk losing out on chances to connect with your audience. Make sure to post frequently, reach out to people, and respond to those who try to connect with you. Do this, as well as what we’ve mentioned above, and LinkedIn will soon become your best friend.