Using Social Media to Promote Business Events

If you’re not promoting everything about your business on social media, then it’s time to get started. There are too many ways to do it, and they are too effective for you to leave such an opportunity on the table. Furthermore, practically everyone uses some sort of social media, whether it’s Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or some combination of all five. So, if you’re looking to promote an event, know that social media is an excellent place to do it. Here are a few tips to help you be more successful:

Create a Page

You should already have specific Facebook and LinkedIn pages for your business, but make sure to create specific ones for your event. This way when someone comes to check out your main page, they will be able to see the event, and you’ll also have a dedicated space to provide information and updates about the event.

Pay to Promote

While social media has a lot of potential, there is also a lot of noise. People are constantly exposed to content, and it’s very easy for your page and posts to get lost in the shuffle. To combat this, most social media platforms have an option for you to send out more targeted content by paying to reach a specific audience. This ensures the content you’re creating to promote your event gets in front of the right eyeballs, which not only increases its exposure, but it also increases the chances of you getting more responses.

Push a Hashtag

When Twitter first became a thing, one of the least understood features was the hashtag. However, nowadays they are a huge part of the social media world as they make it easier for related content to be grouped together. So, for your event, it’s important to create a hashtag and then use it whenever posting something related to your event. This will not help to create more buzz around your event, but it will also give people who attend and participate the chance to join the conversation as they will be able to tag whatever they upload.

Polish Your Profile

As you set out to promote your event on social media, make sure to spend some time updating and polishing your current accounts. Make sure all your information is correct, the headers you use are effective an on-message, and that there are lots of cool pictures that help make your page more exciting.

Consider Working with Influencers

One of the most interesting things to come out of the social media revolution is the emergence of influencers. These individuals, for one reason or another, are able to gather a large following, and then they are able to use their prominence to sway the actions of others. If you can get a few influencers to post about your content and even commit to attending, this can have a powerful impact on your promotion efforts, helping to make your event more of a success.


Social media has so much potential that even if you’re using it there are likely ways for you to use it more. The tips we’ve gone over here will help you make use of this powerful tool for promoting your events but keep looking for new ways to use social media to grow your brand and your business.