Scheduled Maintenance

Due to scheduled system upgrades and maintenance, iDashboard will be unavailable from 5.30pm AEST, Friday 9th of April through to 8.00am AEST, Monday 12th of April.

iDashboard April Update

This latest iDashboard update will be by far the biggest technical undertaking by iProperty since the initial release (internally we’re calling the update Madre Grande – Big Mumma), and it will be the culmination of more than 10 months planning and development. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about it!

iDashboard February Update

Our development team is currently putting the final touches on the latest iDashboard update. This will be by far the biggest technical undertaking by iProperty since the initial release, and it will be the culmination of more than 10 months planning and development. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited about it!

Development website

With stunning CBD, Port Philip Bay and Maribyrnong River views, the Westwater Living apartments have been designed for those seeking quality waterside residences near the convenient Docklands locale.

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Tip Sheet – email tracking

The Campaign system update has introduced a simple yet powerful email tracking system to assist you with your marketing activities.

The default screen for the Campaigns area is a list of all previous email campaigns sent out. The list shows you the name of the campaign, the date sent, number of recipients, number of times opened, number of times someone clicked a link within it and the number of email bounces (due to incorrect email addresses or network errors).

You can find out much more and make use of a range of powerful communication tools by clicking on one of the campaign links – read more below.

Tip Sheet – general emails

The Campaign system update allows you to create one-off emails simply and effectively without leaving iDashboard.

The default screen for General Emails shows a “New Composition” link at the top of the screen, and underneath a list of all emails that have been sent or still in draft status. This allows you to quickly see what email template was used, the number of recipients assigned to it, as well as some useful tools including a preview link and copy function for reusing standard messages you might use on a frequent basis. Old emails that serve no purpose can also be deleted from this list.

Tip Sheet – automatic compositions

The Automated Compositions area is a powerful tool that allows you to automate various types of email broadcast to appropriate contacts in your database.

Automated Compositions is broken up into 3 types of composition:

* What’s Happening Summary – an automated email including upcoming OFI times, upcoming auctions as well as new, sold, and leased properties.
* Requirements Match – an automated email showing properties, whether rental or for sale, that match the requirements of contacts who are subscribed.
* Early Bird Alert – an automated email with Early Bird alerts to subscribers for properties which have just entered their early bird period.

Tip Sheet – iDashboard Newsletters

The Campaign system update has introduced the concept of ‘Series’ and ‘Editions’ to building Newsletters and Magazines.
A ‘Series’ is a newsletter that you may reuse over and over again through the use of different ‘Editions’.

For example, you might like to send out a news update on the region you specialise in every month, or an update on your offices sales achievements every quarter. For this purpose, you would setup a Newsletter Series, and new editions within the Series for every newsletter you need to send.

New Campaigns Area

Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to improve upon some of the most popular features of iDashboard. As a direct response to some of your requests we have focussed our efforts in this area in order to make iDashboard an even better tool to use.

In our upcoming release we’ve redesigned our Campaigns area from the ground up. We feel that what we’ve done will make it much easier to create and manage outgoing emails, and we’ve given you the power to control things which were originally fixed within the system.

New Blog Site

Welcome! Here you’ll find general news items, iDashboard status alerts, tips and tricks on how to use our products and much more. You can also find out a little bit more about our products too. What’s more, you can see our Tweets as well as news & product tutorials via YouTube.

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