Tip Sheet – automatic compositions

The Automated Compositions area is a powerful tool that allows you to automate various types of email broadcast to appropriate contacts in your database.

Automated Compositions is broken up into 3 types of composition:

* What’s Happening Summary – an automated email including upcoming OFI times, upcoming auctions as well as new, sold, and leased properties.
* Requirements Match – an automated email showing properties, whether rental or for sale, that match the requirements of contacts who are subscribed.
* Early Bird Alert – an automated email with Early Bird alerts to subscribers for properties which have just entered their early bird period.

Tip Sheet – iDashboard Newsletters

The Campaign system update has introduced the concept of ‘Series’ and ‘Editions’ to building Newsletters and Magazines.
A ‘Series’ is a newsletter that you may reuse over and over again through the use of different ‘Editions’.

For example, you might like to send out a news update on the region you specialise in every month, or an update on your offices sales achievements every quarter. For this purpose, you would setup a Newsletter Series, and new editions within the Series for every newsletter you need to send.

New Campaigns Area

Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to improve upon some of the most popular features of iDashboard. As a direct response to some of your requests we have focussed our efforts in this area in order to make iDashboard an even better tool to use.

In our upcoming release we’ve redesigned our Campaigns area from the ground up. We feel that what we’ve done will make it much easier to create and manage outgoing emails, and we’ve given you the power to control things which were originally fixed within the system.

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