5 Key Tips for Boosting Your LinkedIn Profile Success Rate

Take a long, hard look at your LinkedIn profile. What do you think? If your profile doesn’t have a strategic approach, you need to get back to the drawing board and start fresh.

Sure, LinkedIn might not measure up against social media giants Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but it definitely shouldn’t be left out of your marketing plan. Over the last 5 years, the networking facility on the business platform have skyrocketed past the basic messaging function it launched with.

Today, LinkedIn is a major player in the content marketing game, making it a great means of sourcing new business leads. Read on to find out how you can improve your LinkedIn profile to get more inbound business heading your way.

1) Clearly Reflect Your Brand Image in Your Profile

Even if you’re not making LinkedIn your focus, you absolutely need to have a polished profile. Each and every channel you have a presence on is a great opportunity to drive new leads. So, if your different profiles have an inconsistent brand message, you’re not going to be doing yourself any favours.

2) Carefully Choose Your Profile Picture

Whilst that photo of you on your last trip to the beach might serve as an interesting placeholder, it shouldn’t be the permanent resident of your profile picture slot.

As a standard, you should use the same headshot or business logo to reflect your brand across all your social media profiles. You want to convey a professional, approachable brand message across your profiles, especially on a network dedicated to businesses.

3) Don’t Hold Back on a Cover Photo

Real estate is a visual market. As a result, you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to include stunning photos of your offices or best properties.

Your cover photo is an extension of your brand where you can press to visitors why they should be working with you, so put it to work and get a high-quality image in there to boost your presence and professional image.

4) Write a Complete LinkedIn Bio

Picture this – you’ve found a company you’re thinking about working with. Their brand image looks great, so you head over to the ‘About Us’ page. It’s blank. Are you going to feel like picking up the phone after that?

Chances are, you probably wouldn’t. and the same goes for your bio. If someone is interested enough to read this section, they’re potentially considering doing business with you. So, give them something to read.

Use this section as an explainer of your background, who you are, what you do, and how you can help them. At the bottom, include a call to action of your choice, such as “Get in Touch Today to Claim Your Free Valuation”.

5) Create Valuable Real Estate Content

As we mentioned earlier, LinkedIn is a hot bed for content marketing success. On top of photos and a full bio, any content you share will be automatically added to your profile for viewers to read.

If you’re writing articles that your target market is interested in, you’re only going to make yourself more relevant in the eyes of potential clients.