Changes coming to Google Maps

Google recently announced changes to their Mapping platform, including a new pricing model. As a result there will be some changes to the way Google Maps are integrated with websites.

Presently all websites we host use the Google Maps Javascript API. This allows us to add a Google Map to your website with an accurate and interactive map marker. It also allows you to ‘override’ the map marker with your own latitude and longitude coordinates if the automatic marker wasn’t accurate enough. From the 16th July Google will start charging for this service.

What’s going to change?
In the lead up to 16th July we will be gradually switching websites over to use Google’s free Embed API. This will ensure you still have maps appearing on your listings, however in some cases the map marker may not be accurate, such as when mapping a listing in a new street, subdivision or development or when Google doesn’t recognise the street address.

During the switch to Google’s free Embed API we will also be rolling out the ability for our customers to optionally obtain their own key from Google for the original Google Maps Javascript API and add this to their website settings. This will restore the original map functionality. Whilst Google will be charging for this API, if your monthly spend is below $200 USD you won’t be charged (we’ve estimated that the average real estate website would be no more than $20-$30 per month).

Is there anything you need to do?
Not in the immediate term. If you find Google’s free maps are not the best solution for your office, you can contact our help team who will assist you in signing up to Google Cloud, obtaining your key and adding it into your website settings. This will restore maps to how they previously worked.

Note you will need an email address already attached to a Google account and a credit card; even though you won’t be charged if your monthly spend is under $200, Google still requires that you have a valid card to keep your account active.