Running Out Of Social Media Content Ideas?

Social Media IdeasIt’s a tough gig and every social media manager has experienced it – you’re aware that you need to post something, but you’re clean out of ideas. What do you do?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Take a look at this cheatsheet of engaging content and you’ll be right back on track for shelling out top-level posts.

Be aware of important dates

If you find yourself sipping desperately on your 3rd cup of coffee in front of a blank computer screen, it might be worth taking a look at your desktop calendar.

You’d be surprised at how well important dates and public holidays can work when it comes to creating timely, relevant content. For example, Valentine’s Day is coming up, which offers an excellent opportunity for running a ‘customer love’ campaign. Give it a go and see how your engagement stats are affected.

Check out popular daily hashtags

Another great source of content ideas is daily trending hashtags. Since people are already talking about them, they make a great opportunity for your brand to get noticed. It won’t just get noticed by your current audience, either. Hashtags are an excellent method of reaching new people who haven’t heard of you and could be interested in your services.

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Give your audience VIP access

One of the best ways that you can cultivate a social audience is by levelling with them and humanising your brand. The next time you’re stuck for ideas, consider giving them a tour of your office, or producing a short video discussing your real estate agents’ hobbies or favourite bands. By making your brand more personal, it’ll be far more relatable to your audience. More often than not, people prefer to do business with friendly brands, as opposed to faceless organisations.

Try out contests

If you’re looking to reach a new audience and expand your online community, running a competition could be a viable option. Before you start it, make sure that you’ve got a prize planned out, as well as a strategy for selecting a winner. Also think about what your audience will have to do in order to gain entry to the competition – will they have to like your photo, or are you aiming for virality with asking them to share it with their friends?

Answer a commonly-asked question

It’s one of the core premises of content marketing because it works. By answering a common question that you think your audience might be asking themselves, you’ll be able to boost your brand authority. The next time they’re in the market for your services, they’ll be that much more likely to get in touch with you over your competitor.

Although this method is typically employed with blog posts, it can also be incorporated into your social strategy. Create a quick Q&A post, then link out to a longer-form blog post to cover the topic in greater detail.

Give your audience a reading list

With so many blogs out there on the internet, your audience might find it difficult to settle on a reliable source of information. If you’re struggling for content ideas, it could be worth a shot. As long as you make sure it’s relevant to them, your audience will be interested in reading the same content as you. For an added touch, why not ask your business owner to share some of the articles they’ve read most recently?

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